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Intimate exchanges in public spaces




Is It Smaller Than a Black Box? A Visit to I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am

"...“immersive” doesn’t begin to describe this."


‘I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am,’ Where Theater Meets Confessional

New York Times

"What Theater for One does is...put our relationship with those on stage under a magnifying lens of self-consciousness."

The 10 best theater events of 2015

"Christine Jones’s radically immersive project called for you to sit in a very red, very small booth as a short one-person play (one of seven, by Lynn Nottage, Will Eno, and others) unspooled inches from your face. The tales were sad, the actors devastating, but the experience was like getting good news from a doctor: Congratulations — you’re human!"

 New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Theatre for one is a show for a lone audience member and a solo performer

New York Daily News

"It's as intimate as it gets."

"I went from fretting about sitting up straight, to trying to hold back a tear."

" It turns out, theater is a gripping, communal experience — even when you’re by yourself."


Close Encounters of the theatrical kind

The New Yorker

"...all minor feats of characterization."

"Acting is often spoken of as a narcissistic pursuit, but it seemed much more humble at Theatre for One."

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